About me

About me
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Atanas Dimitrov

Mobile Software Developer

I'm a software developer from Bulgaria, Europe with M.Sc. from University of Plovdiv specialised in developing native Android (Java/Kotlin), iOS (Swift) and React Native mobile apps. I'm also exploring the development of web apps with NodeJS, Ruby on Rails and Python. I write about software development thoughts and problems I'm encountering during my work on this blog.

What I do?

I'm primary mobile developer - native Android & iOS and React Native, with more than 8 years of experience. Recently I decided to switch to React Native because ease of work, almost native performance and huge community!

I love to explore new fields like web apps - both back and front-end, with NodeJS, Ruby on Rails and Python as well as passion for researching and trying new architectures like MVP, MVVM and cutting edge technologies like Dagger 2, RxJava and so on...

My Language Stack

I have experience with Java, Kotlin, Swift, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C#, PHP... as well as HTML and CSS.

But my favourites are Kotlin, Swift and JavaScript!

Personal Experience

I'm a co-founder of one startup - NaughtySpirit, that me and four university colleagues founded a few years ago. We failed but the time we spent together building our own products were so amazing and improving!

One of our apps was a great success - an Android app for photo editing that hit the 13 million installs and still counting! Check it out: RetroSelfie - Selfies Editor

During the years, I worked on numerous Android and iOS apps and experimenting the latest technologies and validating my ideas.

Work Experience

I've worked for some companies during the years as mobile Android and iOS developer. I worked in local and international teams developing apps for Vodafone, Pfizer and other international and local companies.

My latest position was as senior mobile developer at a Bulgarian startup (TaxiMe) developing a solution for connecting clients with the best Taxi drivers in Sofia. Their solution is the best on the marked at this moment and thousands of people use it on a daily basis! My job was to support and improve the existing client and driver Android & iOS apps.

Personal life and Hobbies

I'm a proud father of a baby boy! It's such a new and exciting experience for me and my amazing wife in our lives!

I love reading books, watching movies, riding my bike and have fun with family and friends... The usual things! 😅

You can find me on:

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