Atanas Dimitrov

Atanas Dimitrov

The useState() Hook: Practical Guide

Do you know what is the difference between a class component and a function component in React? In this practical guide I will try to explain how the component's state is managed in

🖊️ Let's add custom fonts to a React Native App!

It's fairy simple... :) STEP 1: Create a new file in your RN project's root dir with name react-native.config.js and content: module.exports = { project: { ios: {}, android: {}, }, assets: ['./assets/fonts'] }; STEP 2:

Unrecognized font family 'FontAwesome'

Just encontered this issue after installing the react-native-vector-icons package and run the app on an iOS simulator. If you're wondering what is happening even though that the library is correctly linked with the