How to enable WiFi debugging on real devices

How to enable WiFi debugging on real devices

Hello Android developers!

Today I want to share with those who don't know that could use their Android devices over the WiFi for debugging. 😀

The task is really simple!

First, you have to check if there's an opened socket already on the 5555 port on your device:
$ ./adb shell netstat | grep 5555

If calling this returns nothing you have to manually set it:
$ ./adb tcpip 5555

Now if you don't know the device's local IP address, one way to find it out is through the phone's settings:
Settings -> About phone -> Status -> IP address

And then connect to it:
$ ./adb connect YOUR_DEVICE_IP

That's all!
Open your Android Studio and try to run your app. Now you have to see the device in the Select Deployment Target dialog.

Happy coding! 👻