How to Disable the Mini Player in Arc for YouTube

If you're using Arc as your primary browser and YouTube as your go-to music streaming service, you may have noticed the Mini Player feature that was added a few releases ago. While it can be convenient for keeping your music playing while you browse other tabs or windows, it can also be a bit annoying when it pops up unexpectedly.

Arc's Mini Player

Here's how to disable the Mini Player in Arc for a YouTube URL:

1. Open the sidebar and click the lock button next to the URL:

Tap on the lock button

2. In the dropdown menu that appears, uncheck the box next to Mini Player:

Disable Mini Player option

If you're not familiar with Arc, it's a browser that offers a new and improved way of browsing the internet. It's designed to be fast, secure, and customizable, with features like built-in ad blocking and privacy protection. If you're looking for a browser that puts your needs first, Arc might be worth checking out.

I hope this updated article provides more context and clarity for readers looking to disable the Mini Player in Arc for YouTube. 🙌🏻